Monday, July 06, 2009

Prometheus Awards for 2009: Now With Added Aragorn

The Prometheus Awards, which are given by the Libertarian Futurist Society and which routinely confuse those of us who think they're supposed to honor books with some connection to modern libertarian thought, have come around again. The 2009 winners -- who will each receive a plaque, to symbolize literary achievement, and a one-ounce gold coin, to symbolize the coming collapse of all governments and the rise of a goldbuggy libertoonian utopia (or something like that) -- are as follows:
That's darn impressive. The LFS has honored a lot of works with different political leanings before, but I don't think they've ever come down in favor of the divine right of kings before.

[via Locus Online]

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Kerry said...

my book report on Little Brother was not as detailed, but seems like we felt about the same way.

Mike Schilling said...

You'll notice, thogh, that all the money we see in LOTR is precious metal coinage. (Though it's entirely possible that Mordor uses fiat currency.)

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