Friday, July 17, 2009

An Unexpected Quote

Some of you might doubt that I'm quite like I portray myself, but here's The Wife -- in an e-mail to my mother that she didn't have any reason to expect that I'd see -- talking about me:
Andy called from Las Vegas. Only 107 degrees today. He isn't planning on going out at all. I can't imagine not going out at night and seeing the lights and fountains, but then we are talking about Andy. It's funny he'll go out of his way to see something old, historic or museum quality, but isn't interested in FAKE things, like the strip.
If that's what I'm like, I guess I can live with that.


The Brillig Blogger said...

Shouldn't you at least ride the monorail back and forth to admire the scenery as it goes by?

Anonymous said...

I got stuck here:
"Only 107 degrees today."


What's that, ma'am? It's a dry heat?

Oh. I see.

-- RD

Andrew Wheeler said...

Brillig: As far as I could tell, the monorail was mostly behind everything, and the closest stop was several long blocks away.

I did actually get out of The Bellagio on Monday night, since my colleague and I were planning to meet for dinner. But we planned to meet at "the main entrance" of another casino/hotel/resort, and couldn't manage to find each other. So that was entirely pointless.

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