Monday, August 29, 2011

Horrible Vacation Update

Well, it turned out to be about five feet of water in the basement, which actually was a good thing -- we were worried that the water might have reached the first floor.

Electricity, water, and gas are all off right now -- but we have hopes that we can turn the first two back on tomorrow morning, once our newly-bought pumps get most of that water out.

It's a huge mess, but one house down the street actually blew up, and another one came off its foundations. All our neighbors are in the same mess, which makes for a trench-warfare cameraderie.

But the books are toast -- a handfull may be still on high shelves and salvageable, but most of them are just garbage now, along with most of everything else that was in the basement.

Next is the cleanup.


RobB said...

Very sorry to hear about how badly the hurricane affected you. At least you are all safe.

You live near the house that's been on the news, the one on fire in the middle of the water?

Rose Fox said...

But the books are toast

Whoof. That's terrible. I'm so sorry.

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