Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Have Arrived

In Reno for Worldcon, that is.

I had a quick flight up from Las Vegas this afternoon, after two frantic days of handing out magnetic clips and scanning badges in the deepest depths of the Caesar's Palace conference center. (Seriously, I didn't get out of the hotel at all in between the taxi in and the taxi out, which is vastly out of character for me in any strange city, even one as hot and pedestrian-unfriendly as Vegas.)

By the way, Southwest manages to take the usual practice of most modern airlines -- to board passengers in order of the amount of money they've spent, counting down, which tends to mean starting from aisle seats in the front -- and add its own silly Byzantine fillip to it, by making their planes into flying Greyhound buses. I won't say I'll never fly them again -- the world is wide, opportunities are fleeting, and I have a reservation for Monday -- but they're certainly not up at the top of my list.

I got to the Peppermill -- which, especially coming straight from Vegas, looks like a smaller, sadder, shabbier cousin of the humorously over-the-top "resort" I was just in -- went straight to my room, had a long call with The Wife, and decided tomorrow was soon enough for skiffy frivolity. (Besides, registration is closed, and the other main hotel has all of the parties, anyway.)

But I may start seeing many of you tomorrow -- those of you in Reno, at least. Hope it's a good con so far. I expect updates here will be even scarcer than they have been recently -- but, if the WiFi in the convention center is any good, I might just take this keyboard along later in the weekend and complain about SFnal events right as they happen!

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