Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Hugo Day!

As I expected, I am not blogging much from Worldcon; just keeping up with work e-mail on top of the general frivolity was plenty (and I just spent two hours this morning getting back to even on my other blog, Editorial Explanations), leaving little time and energy for anything else.

I also realized that I neglected to do my "Handicapping the Hugos" post this year -- though I did that long series of posts about my personal thoughts on all of the nominees, which isn't the same thing, but it's probably more than enough of me blathering about those stories. You might not know exactly what I think will win this year, but it's pretty clear what I'd like to win, and I'm now sick of my own opinions, so I know you must be.

I will blog the winners, eventually, but that might take a while -- it probably won't go up until tomorrow, when everyone else will already have them. You see, I'm the escort for one of the presenters this year (you can probably guess who; I worked with one of the GoHs for sixteen years), and so I'll be at the pre-Hugo mingle beforehand and then, afterward, I get to check off one of my great fannish dreams and go to the Hugo Losers party. (It's even better because I don't have to actually lose a Hugo to do so.)

So this post is mostly me gloating, for which I apologize. I'll probably have a long post tomorrow complaining at great length about Hugo winners, but we'll all have to wait and see which categories are the most egregiously wrong.

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