Monday, November 14, 2011

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 11/12

There probably is a pile of mail that arrived this week, waiting for me to write about it. But it's in New Jersey and, at the time this post goes up, I'm still in Florida (though probably at the airport on my way back). So this post will be somewhat delayed this week -- it may be up as early as tonight, or as late as a week from now.

But regular posting here should come back within the next 48 hours, or even faster if anything demanding of comment has been happening. Has it?

Update, late evening of 11/15: I seem to have gotten only one (1) book last week -- and I do have to thank those thoughtful publishers for organizing their lists and publicity mailings so carefully to closely fit my schedule -- so I'm just going to roll that into next week's post.

In other news, I'm back in the saddle. There might be a real post tomorrow, particularly if I have anything specific to natter on about.

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