Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I Aten't Dead

I've been scarce here, lately.

I'd like to claim it's through no fault of my own, but I have had free time, which I could have spent in blogging -- I, instead, chose to do other things.

Right now, I'd like to blog about the big stack of books I got at BEA today (combined with the two I grabbed yesterday) -- and I'd also like to write about the books I've been reading over the past few months.

But I just stopped working on work e-mail -- it does pile up, when you spend the day away from it -- and I have to be up tomorrow morning to catch a bus at 6:00, so I think I'm done for the night.

Tomorrow, I start a two-day trip as one of the cohort of chaperones for a horde of 8th graders (my own older son among them), the mass of us descending on Washington DC sometime mid-day. Maybe I'll have time to blog about that when I get back. Maybe not. Either way, there will be something here in the near future...but not incredibly near.

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