Thursday, April 02, 2015

Vintage Contemporaries Update

Just in case anyone is actually following this odd series of reviews: yes, I did skip February.

It wasn't on purpose, but the combination of being unemployed and reading Peter Matthiessen's Far Tortuga pushed me well beyond my usual deadline, and so I held that off to the next month. I did finish Far Tortuga in mid-March, and my review will post later today.

At this point, I expect to get back on the horse and hit the last day of each upcoming month with another Vintage Contemporaries review, but -- as I've said before -- I don't put a whole lot of faith in my own expectations these days.

I would like to spend more time writing about books rather than about how I would be absolutely perfect for such-and-such a job, but that's not up to me at this point. Right now, my chef d'oeuvre is the cover letter, and it will remain so as long as necessary. And I'm sure this all annoys me even more than it annoys all of my readers aggregated.

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