Monday, August 24, 2015

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 8/22

Hello, Hello, Hello.

I'm back once more with a quick listing of books that arrived at my house this past week -- as always, I haven't read them at this point, and don't promise that anything I write here about them is perfectly true. (I try to be accurate, but a book is not always exactly what it seems.) This time, I've got two: both hardcovers coming from Tor (in the USA, where I am) in early September.

Dragon Heart is a new secondary world fantasy novel from Cecelia Holland, who was long best-known in genre circles for her 1970s SF novel Floating Worlds, but has been writing historical fiction that sometimes shades into fantasy for five decades now. This one has a dragon on the cover and in the title; it doesn't shade so much as dive boldly in. There's a small kingdom being subsumed by an expanding empire, a mute princess, her strong-willed mother the Queen, and, of course, that dragon, who will upend everyone's plans.

The other book is The Sleeping King, which is set in the world of the Dragon Quest live-action role-playing game and co-written by romantic thriller writer (and long-time LARPer) Cindy Dees with the creator of that game, Bill Flippin. The story is epic fantasy plot #5: the evil invaders came some time back, putting humans and elves and all of the usual other races under their jackbooted heel, but there's a powerful king hidden somewhere, and, if the Good Guys can just wake him, the villains will be kicked out and the reign of goodness and law will begin.

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