Monday, November 16, 2015

Things That Amuse Only Me, # 2853

So I work for a legal services company these days, on a product with a vast array of really useful documents for all kinds of legal stuff. And I find myself digging through that array now and then, for various purposes.

And today I came across Deposing a Rule 30(b)(6) Witness.

So I thinks: we must have a lot of documents about deposing various kinds of people, right? Stands to reason. If you're deposing, you want to do it right. And different people need to be deposed in particular ways, if you want them to stay deposed.

But, sadly, I can't seem to find anything called Deposing a King. (Or even a President, for that matter, given what side of the pond I'm sitting on.) And that seems like a real lack.

Not that I'm planning to do it myself, mind you: I'm a law-abiding man. But I'd like to know that rules for any eventuality are out there, just in case.

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