Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy to See the End of January

January seems to be scheming to steal my weekends. A week ago, there was the giant killer storm -- one of the Jonas brothers, I think -- which left the whole family stuck indoors and reminded me how much I dislike shoveling snow. (My sons would probably not mind the stuck-indoors bit as much, but were even less happy to shovel.)

And then this weekend the Creeping Crud is running through the family -- my wife got it on Friday and spent a day with the usual intestinal issues that make winter sicknesses such a joy. Somehow she passed it to me yesterday, and I had my fun time then. It seems to be one of those 24-hour things, since we're both better (not good, but better), and starting to tentatively think about maybe eating something, sometime, possibly. So far the boys are unaffected, either because of the robustness of youth or because they spend all of their times in their rooms in front of screens and thus don't interact enough with us to be infected.

Anyway, I was hoping to do some blogging this weekend, and set up a few reviews to post over the next week. (Particularly the next book in my Vintage Contemporaries series -- I know no one else in the world cares about that, but it's a way to stretch my writing-about-books muscles, so I like that better than any of the other kinds of blogging I do.) That didn't happen yet, and I don't think it will: this will be a quiet day of recuperation.

But I was at least intending to write blog posts, which is a thin ray of sunlight if you want to think of it that way.

Hope the rest of you are having a more pleasant January.

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