Monday, January 01, 2018

Read in December

As I type this, halfway through the month, I have a half-formed plan to read a lot of books over my Christmas vacation so it's not a pitifully short list. I suspect this plan will be abandoned in favor of spending more time playing Fallout games, but it is a plan which I have at this moment, so it counts.

Anyway, I read some books this month, and these are them. In the future, I expect to continue reading books.

Inio Asano, A Girl on the Shore (12/13)

Kaori Ozaki, The Gods Lie (12/14)

Rick Geary, The Lindbergh Child (12/19)

Rick Geary, The Saga of the Bloody Benders (12/20)

Deborah Blum, The Poisoner's Handbook (12/20)

Paul Theroux, editor, The Tao of Travel (12/22)

And that's what I ended up reading in December. As you can see, the plan to read a lot over the Xmas break did not precisely happen.

I'm posting this on time for once, and planning to fill in the links later. We'll see if that actually happens...

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