Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Googling Myself

One of my previous-unrevealed reasons for doing this blog was a burning urge to increase the profile of this particular Andrew Wheeler in the vast surging sea of Andrew Wheelers in the world. It hasn't happened yet, but I still live in hope.

Yes, I have a common name. I know of at least two other "Andrew Wheeler"s on the east coast, and I've even met another man, connected with publishing, named "Andrew C. Wheeler." (Though at least his middle name was different.) And there are many many more of us.

In the spirit of pan-Andrew Wheeler solidarity, I offer you the following Andrew Wheelers, who are all obviously at the very top rank of their respective fields, by their names if nothing else:

This chap has been consistently at the top of Google since I discovered how egotistical I really am. He seems to be doing well in an interesting, creative field; he's attractive and I bet he even gets groupies. (Serious ones, with long fitted skirts, who wear small glasses and smoke above eye level.) I hate him.

Being Andrew Wheeler can also help you become a respected character actor, as well. I can't tell you what it does for my ego that I can honestly consider myself better looking than the actor Andrew Wheeler.

Did you know one could make a living as an equine photographer? Neither did I, but Andrew Wheeler does it.

In case anyone was wondering, I'm not the Andrew Wheeler who writes about comics online. But I bet he was the one who did the "They Fight Crime!" page everyone was asking me about three years ago.

This guy seems to be some kind of head-hunter, and a damn good one, I'm sure.

At least one of us is a real, live scientist! Well, a geologist, at least.

I'm particularly impressed by my namesake, the art restorer. Yet another Andrew Wheeler to make me feel inadequate.

I feel better about the dead plumber, though he did look like a happy chap.

I do need to ask: how the hell did someone with the same name as me end up with the nickname Buggy and a job as "Assistant Sports Director?" Clearly, names have nothing to do with one's life.

And one of us is an Anglican minister in London.

The first Google hit that's actually me is, of all things, the 1999 Philcon Programming Grid, for any of you time-travelers burning to travel back to the heady days of the Adam's Mark Hotel and its amazing Worst Restaurant in the World.

Most of the famous Andrew Wheelers seem to be from the UK or Australia, for whatever reason, and the trend continues with the world-famous VoIP Marketing Manager!

I'm sure there are more, but Thing 2 just got back from Gymnastics, and is sighing loudly and asking me if I'm almost done. I think we need to go and play "Justice League" now.

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Andrew Wheeler said... comments...

Yep, I'm also a motorsports photographer too!

I have always been tickled by the fact that one of the other "Andrew Wheelers" appears to have the same job/lifestyle that I do..

Oh and yes, I am originally from the UK too..


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