Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm going to try to phrase this in the least self-serving way possible -- let's see if I succeed.

Since I realized that Amazon had Associates, several years ago, I always tried to buy things through Amazon (when I did; I spent nearly a decade thinking of them as the Evil Empire that it's hard to remember that I now like them) using somebody's Associates link.

Matter of fact, my bookmark for Amazon, on my computer back at the old job (where I'd buy books for omnibuses fairly frequently, and from Amazon some of those times) was actually a give-a-kickback-to-Locus link. (And I think I usually remembered to use that link, rather than just typing

So I want to urge people to use somebody's link when buying stuff from Amazon. It doesn't cost the purchaser a cent, doesn't add any more time and hassle, and sends a tiny piece of that money somebody's way. Go to your favorite author's site, go through Locus, whoever -- just don't leave that money on the table if you can avoid it. could use this here handy-dandy box, and send those nickels to me. Y'know, if you were going to buy something anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I'm aware of this "strategy", and yet I almost always forget about it when I'm actually buying something from Amazon.

(Hey, look, Bloogle recognizes me. That was fast.)

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