Friday, November 30, 2007

Andrew Burt Is a Dick Cheney Doppleganger

Honestly. I mean, how else could he manage to be named head of a committee when the consensus of those involved was that he must be kept as far away from it as possible?

The situation has already led Toby Buckell (one of the young, smart, energetic writers SFWA should be desperate to keep -- and a guy who can actually sell novels this decade, let us not forget) to quit SFWA in sadness. John Scalzi is remaining above the fray, perhaps considering another run at the presidency, perhaps considering himself really lucky to be out of the thick of it this time.

But, really: what the fuck, SFWA? Are you that intent on becoming the writers' organization for people who haven't sold anything in decades? Does Burt have secret blackmail documents on all of the other officers? Or all you all really just that out of touch?

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