Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ComicMix Update

I seem to have forgotten to link to my last few ComicMix reviews, so let's fix that:
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but Manga Friday will be back at the usual time (assuming I manage to read another couple of books and think of things to say about them).


Anonymous said...

Just noticed a couple of weird little things over at ComicMix, and yes, I'm apparently too lazy to e-mail.

One is that there's a typo in your bio--a missing K in the address of this here blog. The other is that, when I click on your byline, which should take me to a list of all your recent articles, it takes me to a list of all of Dennis O'Neil's recent articles instead.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Robert: The typo was actually my fault; I'm not sure how (I suspect an errant spell-checker at some point), but I've since fixed it.

The "andrew-wheeler" listing stopped pointing to Dennis O'Neil sometime Thursday and pointed to me for a while...but then started pointing to John Ostrander instead. Let me check and see what it's doing today. [pause] Today I seem to be Mike Gold.

But, doing a bit more poking around, I see that Michael Davis, Elayne Riggs, and John Ostrander are also Mike Gold today, so it looks like some work is being done on the database, and I assume it will all be better soon.

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