Wednesday, November 07, 2007

People Who I Am Not

Just in case anyone wonders, or there are random Google searchers out there, this particular Andrew Wheeler is not:
  • the Andy Wheeler who writes about wrestling at Inside Pulse (though I did watch quite a bit of wrestling in college)
  • the Andrew Wheeler who used to write about comics at The Ninth Art -- he's British, I'm American (though we do both write about comics)
I am the Andrew Wheeler who used to work at a book club for science fiction (among other clubs, during my sixteen-year tour at the Company With Many Names), and the one most commonly encountered on the US science fiction convention circuit.

(And, quite soon, I'll also be the Andrew Wheeler -- or, at least, one of them -- to be found at various gatherings of accountants and non-profit leaders, starting next week at the Blackbaud Conference.)


Anonymous said...

I stole this idea and used it as a meme!

Unknown said...

I can't steal this idea and use it as a meme... there's only one of me kicking around.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you investigate

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