Sunday, November 04, 2007

World Fantasy Award Winners!

As announced this afternoon at the gala banquet:

Life Achievement
  • Betty Ballantine
  • Diana Wynne Jones
Soldier of Sidon, Gene Wolfe (Tor)

"Botch Town", Jeffrey Ford (The Empire of Ice Cream, Golden Gryphon)

Short Fiction:
"Journey Into the Kingdom", M. Rickert (F&SF 5/06)

Salon Fantastique, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds. (Thunder's Mouth)

Map of Dreams, M. Rickert (Golden Gryphon)

Shaun Tan

Special Award: Professional:
Ellen Asher (For work at SFBC)

Special Award: Non-Professional:
Gary K. Wolfe (for reviews and criticism in Locus and elsewhere)

The judges this year were Gavin Grant, Ed Greenwood, Jeremy Lassen, Jeff Mariotte, and Carsten Polzin; thanks to them and congratulations to all the winners and nominees. (But particular, immense congratulations to the Once & Future Queen of SF, my former boss, the amazing Ellen Asher.)


Marilee J. Layman said...

Yaaaay! for Ellen! Think she'll stay retired?

Andrew Wheeler said...

She seems gleefully happy in retirement, so I doubt anything full-time is in her future. But she has been talking about doing some free-lance copyediting, eventually, to keep her hand in the field.

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