Thursday, December 20, 2007


I've generally avoided writing about music here, thinking that indulging myself about books and movies was indulgence enough, but sometimes a man just can not be silent. I discovered a wonderful music blog about six months ago, which has introduced me to probably dozens of new artist.

That blog is Fingertips, which posts once a week: every Monday, there's one post, with links to three songs available for free and legal download. I've discovered a massive amount of music I liked through Fingertips, and I think others could do the same.

So these are my top 10 favorite Fingertips songs (from bands I'd never heard of before), with links right to where I downloaded them. I think they all work now, but -- if you're reading this in the future -- they probably won't work forever:
OK, that's more than I'll just leave you with one last song for the season, another one by Over the Rhine (my new favorite band, maybe) -- "Darlin' (Christmas Is Coming)". Hope you find some stuff you like through Fingertips as well.

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