Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Aten't Dead

But a guy named Andrew Wheeler just died in Worchester, Massachussets, at too young an age. (I find that every year I live, the age of "too young to die" goes up at least two or three years. But 55 isn't that old at all, and he looks younger than his age in the photo.)

It's one of the perils of having a common name: sometimes people named "Andrew Wheeler" are doing interesting things, and sometimes they're dying.

Rest in Peace, Andrew Wheeler -- and all the dead with names that disconcert those of us left behind.


Anonymous said...

Daaamn, dead men don't just walk these days. They blog, too.

Unknown said...

On same names ...

There's Michael R. Walsh: former Chicago area fan now in the Bay area.

There's Michael Walsh, Vancouver fan.

At the 1995 Worldcon Michael R. & I were booked in the same hotel. Oh, that was fun.

Michael J. Walsh

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