Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movie Log: The Simpsons Movie

The boys wanted to see The Simpsons Movie in the summer -- they've become fans of the show this year, watching reruns and DVDs -- but I thought it was best to wait for video. Besides, why pay to see something I can see for free on TV?

So we watched it Saturday afternoon, over lunch, in the middle of a day of errands. It starts off as an overgrown episode of the show -- "overgrown" mostly because of production quality, since otherwise it's very much like one of the better episodes of the show in its heyday. But it turns into a more conventional movie-plot (including obvious acts and big emotional arcs), and becomes somewhat less interesting (and funny) in the process.

Maybe a normal Simpsons TV plot couldn't stretch to fit a 90-minute movie; maybe the writers had to appropriate a standard movie plot to make it all work. But it didn't have to be quite as conventional as it ended up being. On the other hand, you do get what's essentially a good Simpsons episode to start off, and then about an hour of not-quite-as-good (but intermittently very good) stuff afterward. So, if you're not paying movie-theater prices, it's well worth it.

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