Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Week, Another Wednesday

Wednesday is the day for news for book-publishing layoffs, unfortunately, and here I am again to round up whatever happens today. (And hoping, once again, that I don't have to.)

Random House: the New York Observer reports on the restructuring of the Little Random sub-rights department, involving a lot of people I worked with for many years. At least two people -- both of whom I know and respect, and hope find new positions quickly -- have been let go, with the clear possibility that more cuts may be coming or just not leaked to the public yet.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux: Publisher Jonathan Galassi sent a memo explaining their changes yesterday afternoon, which the Observer reprinted and commented on.

(If anyone wants to pass along details on any book-industry restructurings or turmoil, Antick Musings allows anonymous comments, and my e-mail is also available -- see to the left -- for those who want to remain in the deep background.)


Publishers Weekly reports on the reorg at Little Random on a higher level, announcing that Susan Kamil is now Senior VP and Editor-in-Chief, just edging out Jennifer Hershey as Senior VP and Editorial Director. The sub-rights changes reported earlier by the Observer have not been announced yet...but that doesn't mean they're not true. (Though I'd like to believe that Little Random isn't getting rid of two great sub-rights folks.)

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