Monday, December 15, 2008

Anybody Remember Obernewtyn?

Isobelle Carmody's YA fantasy series has been very popular in Australia for a long time, and Tor tried to bring it to the US about a decade ago. And a certain then-SFBC-editor with the initials AW bought the books Tor did -- with an omnibus of the first two books, Obernewtyn and The Farseekers and then the fatter book three, Ashling, all by itself.

For years afterward I -- um, that SFBC editor -- got regular letters from fans of the series, asking for the rest of it. And that editor had to point the disappointed fans at Tor, or at Australia in general.

But the wait is over! (Or nearly so.) Amazon's Omnivoracious blog has an interview today with Carmody, on the occasion of the republication of the first five (!) books in the series simultaneously by Random House Books for Young Readers. And the last two books -- of a series originally planned to be five books long, if I remember correctly -- will follow in 2010.

I haven't been able to dig up a decent scan of the SFBC Obernewtyn & The Farseekers online, so, instead, here's Donato Giancola's excellent cover for the first book's Tor edition.


Anonymous said...

Andy: I remember it. It was the first book I was ever asked to blurb. I liked it a lot.

Jeff Ford

Unknown said...

I remember them-I liked them and am glad they're coming back.

Anonymous said...

I have your omnibus and the third from SFBC, plus a giant mmpb of the fourth (ordered from Australia, it was cheaper than I could find it here) and didn't know the fifth was out! We read Obernewtyn in the bookgroup and most liked it, and two liked it enough to join the bookhunt. Too bad the books aren't coming out in hc -- then I could make them all the same instead of mixed.

Anonymous said...

According to their web site, Chapters/Indigo (here in Canada) has copies of the first six books in the series in stock.

Brian McCullogh

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