Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Image Everyone Else Is Posting

I've already seen this at least a dozen times, but it's still funny -- and still (sadly) probably true.

Not that members of Congress -- or Treasury officials, for that matter, are likely to be surfing random blogs right around now, but perhaps the more of us who post this oh-so-true picture (source unknown), the less likely Washington will be to write a blank check to the Big Three to save the butts of a bunch of bad businessmen.

Question #1: If the UAW is being asked to make wage concessions, are equivalent concessions being demanded of the white-collar workers at these companies and at the dealerships? If not, why not?

Question #2: If this works, is there any chance we can get just a tiny bit of oversight on the hundreds of billions of dollars that have already gone to help banks buy each other and increase their bonuses?

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Anonymous said...

Of course, there are two big problems with this particular image: first, the vehicle shown (a Ford Windstar IINM) actually sold quite well in its day; and second, of the "big three", Ford is the only one that has publicly said that it doesn't need a bailout. (They want the other guys to stay in business because a failure of GM or Chrysler would disrupt their supply chain, and they asked to be included in the program just in case the cash they other guys were asking for turned out not to be enough.) That's not to say that there's nothing wrong with Ford, but they do seem to have seen it coming and taken action well before the other two.

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