Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Jersey Must Tip Its Hat to Illinois

I thought we knew from corruption, but none of our governors have actually tried to sell the empty Senate seat of the incoming President. That takes massive balls, and I stand in awe of Gov. Blagojevich today.

The Sun-Times has a PDF of the criminal complaint, which also accuses Blagojevich (whom I'm sure the local tabloids call Blago, and I just might start doing so myself) of attempting to blackmail the Tribune Company into firing people he didn't like via withholding Wrigley Field funds.

(I also had a quick start when I saw his Chief of Staff, John Harris, was also arrested. But then I remembered my high-school buddy, now resident in Chicago, is Jon Harris, and not involved in the local government as far as I know.)

Blago, you got caught, which is never good. But it sounds like you had a hell of a ride. I'm only sorry you were arrested before you managed to sell that Senate seat; this would have been a lot more fun if it had happened five months from now and also besmirched the name of whatever poor schmo was about to pony up.

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Brad J (Kazrak) said...

...I dunno.

It might just mean that none of your governors got caught at it, or they're better at...er...convincing law enforcement to look the other way.

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