Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Start-up Offers Free Web Pages to Authors

I guess I don't have to pretend that I've never heard of filedby author, since it now has a publicly accessible webpage. It's still in beta, but the intention is to allow any author -- anyone published in the US and Canada -- to populate a page in their directory.

The home page says that the service is free, but doesn't say it will always be free. And there's no obvious reason why this would be better, at this point, than an author having a page of her own somewhere. (Although, obviously, it doesn't have to be either/or -- there's no reason not to sign up for filedby, since it's there and free.)

So: for the authors out there, here is another potential vehicle for self-promotion and building awareness.

[via Booksquare]

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Anonymous said...


I'm doing PR for the filedbyauthor Private Beta. Thanks for mentioning it (and for keeping mum before that).

We are still testing the database; the site won't be searchable until we go into Beta next year. It's not easy to see the value of the database now, but that's the main reason authors will want to be involved: 1.2 million author profiles is going to draw a lot more traffic than most standalone author sites.

We believe filedbyauthor will result in greater visibility for authors. I'll let you know as soon as the site is searchable.

In the meantime, published authors with an ISBN are invited to see what the database has on them and enhance their page (for free) before we launch.

Happy Holidays,

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