Sunday, April 01, 2012

Read in March

And here's what I read this past month. I'm behind on writing about those books -- I say that nearly every month, so I should just have a stamp -- but that will come, eventually.

Not much else to say say then, is there?
  • Daniel Handler & Maira Kalman, Why We Broke Up (3/2)
  • Shinobu Ohtaka, Sumomomo, Momomo, Vol. 11 (3/5)
  • Atsuko Ohkubo, Soul Eater, Vol. 8 (3/6)
  • Dall-Young Lim & Sung-Woo Park, Black God, Vol. 15 (3/7)
  • Peach-Pit, Zombie-Loan, Vol. 13 (3/8)
  • Daisuke Sato & Shoji Sato, Highschool of the Dead, Vol. 5 (3/9)
  • Jim Butcher, Ghost Story (3/8)
  • Henry Petroski, The Essential Engineer (3/14)
  • C.W. Moss, Unicorn Being a Jerk (3/16)
  • Jen Yates, Wreck the Halls (3/17)
    I neglected to write anything about this at the time, and it's since either gone back to the library or upstairs to my Cake Wrecks-loving younger son. (I don't remember exactly.) But what is there to say? It's a collection of pictures of professional cakes with things very, very wrong with them -- either conceptually, grammatically, or just physically -- with excellent and funny captions by Yates. Unlike the first book, this one has a narrower focus -- cakes for some holiday or other -- but that's still broad enough for a lot of pictures of some seriously wrong confections. If you like the blog, you'll like the book. And, if you don't like the blog, you're probably a professional cake decorator with some serious problems.
  • Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test (3/17)
  • George O'Connor, Hades: Lord of the Dead (3/18)
    Another book I forgot to write about before it disappeared -- this one has been sucked into the collection of my older son, who's the mythology buff of the house. But it's just as good a retelling of Greek myth -- this time, mostly Persephone, with a few other things about Hades included as well -- as the earlier books, so see my reviews of Zeus, Athena, and Hera for more details. This is a great series, and not just for kids: O'Connor does a wonderful job of retelling myths so that they resonate for audiences of various ages.
  • A. Lee Martinez, Emperor Mollusk Vs. the Sinister Brain (3/20)
  • Tommy Kovac & Sonny Liew, Wonderland (3/20)
  • Margaret Atwood, In Other Worlds (3/22)
  • Bill Mauldin, Willie & Joe: Back Home (3/25)
  • Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles (3/28)
Coming up this next month: I'm really not sure. I used to have my reading life closely planned out (an artifact of the bookclub days, when I'd know, pretty much, what the next half-dozen books I'd read for work would be, and basically the order.) I'm in the middle of Rule 34 and I might follow that up with Embassytown, just to keep abreast of the novels that Christopher Priest finds so very, very unworthy.

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