Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Favorite Song on That Record Is....

I don't know if anyone else has this experience, but I find that the records I really like -- the ones that stick with me for months, and that I come back to years later -- are ones where I get into a couple of the songs to begin with, but then, after a while, start liking completely different songs better.

It's a sign of impressive depth, I suppose: that the songs that don't grab you immediately are still lurking in the background of your brain, ready to burble up when you're ready for them.

I mention this because I've been listening to Cloud Cult's 2010 record Light Chasers a lot recently -- incessantly in the car for a few days, and then I take a break, and go back to it for another few days -- with "recently" meaning about the last six months. And the song I love the most right now is "The Exploding People," which I recently discovered has a wonderful video. And, hey!, I've got a blog, so I might as well share that with you folks, right?

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