Monday, April 16, 2012

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 4/14

This week I have two books to write about, which makes my usual long-winded explanation more pointless than usual, so I'll just hit the high points: these are books that showed up in my mailbox, sent by their publishers. I haven't read them yet. But they are:

The Night Sessions, the new novel by Ken MacLeod, comes from Pyr as a trade paperback, and was published earlier this month. It's a medium-future SF story -- what seems to be a century or two past global warming and the disruptions consequent thereupon -- where religion is an extreme minority interest, until terrorist acts start targeting those religious types and their shrines. (It was originally published in the UK back in 2008, so it may sound familiar to many of you.)

And then there's The Devil Delivered and Other Tales, which collects three long novellas by Steven Erikson -- that may be superfluous; I haven't yet seen any piece of writing by Erikson that couldn't be accurately described as "Long," I expect his laundry lists run to tens of pages -- as a hardcover from Tor (US) in June. All three, I believe, were originally published as books (probably all by PS Publishing in the UK): The Devil Delivered, Revolvo, and Fishin' With Grandma Matchie. None have any relation to Erikson's Malazan epic fantasy series. (I know I read Fishin' and I think I also read Devil, but neither has lived strongly in my memory.)

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