Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night!

Today is World Book Night! (Well, for definitions of "world" that only include the US -- much like the "World Series"!)

This is not to be confused with World Book Day, an older holiday celebrated in at least a couple more countries -- though I see that the UK hived off from the usual April 23rd to have their book day early, on March 1st.

I see no obvious explanation why the US gets the night of the 23rd and the rest of the world claims the day, unless we're even more Batman-fixated here than I previously thought. But I'm willing to be informed by comments.

So, maybe the "world" thing is slightly overstated, OK. But it's still a chance for people -- in certain countries, on certain sometimes-confusing days -- to get free books! And that's worth mentioning, at least.

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