Monday, July 25, 2016

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 7/23

Every week, I write up whatever books came in the mail the week before. Lately, that's fewer and fewer, maybe because blogging is so 2005, maybe because my audience is not particularly large compared to other people on the Internet, or maybe because of a little thing called the "e-book."

(Or maybe because I only post about once a week these days, and do a half-assed job of that. Hey, everybody, look over there!)

This week I have only one book for you -- George Noory's Night Talk. But, to make up for that, I'm going to write about it across multiple paragraphs!

Like this, for example.

Noory is a well-known talk-radio host -- the book bills him as "host of America's #1 All-Night Radio Show, Coast to Coast AM." (Though that begs the question: are there any other all-night radio shows? I suppose it's possible. And Coast to Coast is definitely a big deal, even if it's sui generis.) Noory has written a number of non-fiction books in the past, mostly with co-writer William J. Birnes, and mostly about various paranormal topics, which his talk show also gets very deep into. (As a former subscriber to Skeptical Inquirer and yet a thankful recipient of publicity copies, I'm trying to be honest and neutral here -- his titles include Talking to the Dead and Journey to the Light.)

Night Talk, though, is a novel, and it's credited to Noory alone. It's a thriller about a famous all-night talk-show host, who digs deep into paranormal and bizarre topics, named Greg Nowell. (See? Completely different from George Noory. Only a very few letters are even the same!) Our hero Nowell stumbles onto the secrets of the inevitable shadowy evil government conspiracy that controls the world, and has to go on the run, chased by an implacable assassin and aided primarily by his loyal listeners. There's even a woman who's on the run with him, in best thriller fashion.

Night Talk is coming in hardcover from Forge on July 26th -- read it before they suppress the truth!

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