Friday, July 01, 2016

Read in June

Below are either desultory notes about some books I read in June of 2016, or links to slightly longer and perhaps somewhat less desultory notes about said books. I feel compelled to do this stuff, so I hope there's someone out there reading them. If you end up finding something you love because I wrote about it, please do let me know. (If you end up reading something you absolutely loathe, let me know as well, since loathing is always more entertaining than love.)

Dan Wells, Over Your Dead Body (6/2)

John Allison, Lissa Treiman, and Max Sarin, Giant Days, Vol. 2 (6/6)

Peter Bagge, Founding Fathers Funnies (6/8)

Angela Carter, Saints and Strangers (6/8)

Roald Dahl, Boy: Tales of Childhood (6/9)

Tony Horwitz, Baghdad Without a Map (6/15)

Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke, The Twilight Children (6/17)

Daniel Pinkwater, Fish Whistle (digital, 6/17)

Charlie Croker, Screwed Up English (6/18)

John Hodgman, That Is All (6/19)

P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton, Bring on the Girls (6/21)

Andi Watson, Little Star (6/22)

James Salter, A Sport and a Pastime (6/24)

Maxim Jakubowski and Marilyn Jaye Lewis, editors, Erotic Photography (6/25)

Jess Walter, The Financial Lives of the Poets (6/29)

Caroline Preston, The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt (6/30)

I'm happy to note that I read exactly twice as many books in June as I did in May, because I'm all about metrics, even when they're pointless and don't really measure anything.

After June, of course, comes July. I'm pretty sure I read (have read? will read? verb tenses are complicated when you're writing ahead of an event but your words won't be read until after that event) books then, too, and will probably write about them at some point.

Note: Individual posts have been written and scheduled for all of these books, so links will appear in due long as I don't forget to edit this post.

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