Friday, July 08, 2016

Send My Boy to Europe!

My younger son, Nick, has been taking German in school; he just finished his second year a couple of weeks ago. (That's him off to the left, in case that wasn't clear. Imagine that he's telling you the below, if it helps the verisimilitude.)

A group loosely affiliated with that German program and it's teacher -- though not in any way officially associated with the school, as they told us five times at the big meeting -- is planning a trip to Germany and Italy next summer. (Italy being thrown in to keep it from being too dour, I suppose, or getting some more crowd-pleasers.)

Nick wants to go on this trip -- he intends to conquer the world eventually [1], and so he needs to get to see it.

And the amazing thing is that you can help pay for this!

Oh, sure, you don't have to -- but you know it will be fun, and give you the warm fuzzies in the depths of your heart when you do. And have any other vague Internet acquaintances begged you for money this week?

If you do feel inclined to throw a few shekels towards my son, please use this convenient button-like button to do so, and know that you have my undying thanks. (And that you will be among the elite when he does conquer the world -- so you've got that going for you.)

[1] Probably with a giant robot, though I haven't given up hope on a Palpatine-style plot to get everyone else to fight.

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