Monday, March 27, 2017

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 3/25

Yup, this again.

Every Monday, I list whatever books arrived in my mail, in the hopes that some of you people out there will want to read, buy, and/or love them. (This is how publicity works: it's not complicated, but it is hard.) I haven't read any of those books: I find I'm not reading as many books these days as I used to, but, then, all things decay and die, so why should this be any exception?

This week, I have one book to tell you about: Alex Bledsoe's new novel Gather Her Round.

It's the fourth in his series about the Tufa, a backwoods North American kind of faerie community, and how they live with the local humans. This time out, a young Tufa woman was killed and partially eaten in the deep woods -- probably, everyone thinks, by the local pack of wild boars.

But then another person dies in those woods -- a man who was having an affair with that woman -- and perhaps something else is going on.

Gather Her Round is a hardcover from Tor, which officially published on March 7th.

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