Sunday, October 01, 2017

Read in September

My current working situation has started to seriously affect my reading, which is about the silliest and most counter-productive thing in the world to complain about. (So don't think I'm complaining.)

I'm currently working from home three days a week because a) my primary set of colleagues is in Eagan, MN; b) my secondary set of colleagues already moved crosstown in NYC; and c) my most immediate colleague is on an extended maternity leave. So I'm kinda alone when I'm actually in the office -- there are about a dozen of us left on the floor, if everyone is in the office the same day, and it feels like the very beginning of my career again, on a mostly-empty Doubleday floor, high up in the then-Bear Sterns building on the East side. Everything does come around again, eventually.

So, since over the last two decades I've gotten into the habit of doing most of my reading while commuting, having a three-minute commute down the basement stairs several times a week means I need to make other time to read in my schedule. (Again: this is whatever the opposite of a complaint is. A brag, maybe?) I haven't done that yet, so the list of books below is a bit meager:

Boulet, Notes, Vol. 1: Born to Be a Larve (9/5)

Mawil, Sparky O'Hare, Master Electrician (9/6)

I read Sparky O'Hare, Master Electrician back in 2009, when it was relatively recent (Mawil is German, and the German edition came out in 2006 and this English edition from the UK publisher Blank Slate in 2008), and liked it quite a bit then. But the copy I had was lost in my 2011 flood, which I already mention far too much.

Oh, look, here's my review, buried in the middle of a longer round-up of graphic novels!

Re-reading that post, I agree with myself entirely. So, if you want to know what this book is, read that. If you want to just read a collection of funny comics pages about a bumbling bunny electrician in an office of cute girls (drawn in a quirky style), just go buy it already.

Ted McKeever, Transit: The Complete Series + the Lost Finale (9/19)

Andi Watson, Glister (9/20)

Michael D'Antonio, Hershey (9/20)

Matt Kindt, Mind MGMT, Vol. 2: The Futurist (9/26)

Chester Brown, Louis Riel (9/27)

And that was September. I'm typing these words the morning of October 1, so pretty much right on time. I expect I'll read more books this month, and be back here to grumble and complain about them. It's a life.

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