Saturday, August 04, 2012

Incoming Books: August 3-4

After I finished my recent review of Steve Erickson's new novel These Dreams of You, I felt the urge to get new copies of his first two novels, Days Between Stations and Rubicon Beach. (Though, thinking about it another week later, the Erickson books I really should be reading this summer are Leap Year and American Nomad, his two "non-fiction" books about presidential election years and the craziness of America.)

So I fired up the ol' Amazon, found used copies of the editions I used to have -- Vintage Contemporaries in both cases -- and added them to my cart. Since that wasn't enough for free shipping, I had to dig a bit more...

First, Amazon randomly turned up You Must Go and Win, a memoir from the singer-songwriter Alina Simone, which is really weird, since I've been listening to her 2011 album Make Your Own Danger, so the name was weirdly familiar but entirely out of context. At the time, You Must Go was ridiculously cheap -- and it looks to be actually well-written and interesting, not just "literate for a musician" -- so go check it out if you're interested in the story of a young Ukranian woman trying to make a music career in Brooklyn.

I also pulled Leonard Kinsey's The Dark Side of Disney out of my wish list, since it's been recommended to me by Amazon's bots a few dozen times by now. It's probably not as shocking as it claims to be, but it's a guide to that big tourist complex in Orlando from a very different POV, so it looked worth checking out. (And extensive searching has not turned up a single library I can connect to that has it available.)

And last was something that isn't a book -- Kate Miller-Heidke's new CD Nightflight. I hardly ever buy music except as used CDs -- they're cheaper and act as their own backup once I rip them -- but this was pseudo-new (still in shrinkwrap, but called "used" for some obscure Amazon reason). And, because I am a good and loving person, here are several Kate Miller-Heidke songs in a widget, to demonstrate why I wanted her record quickly:

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