Monday, May 13, 2013

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 5/11

If there are any Antick Musings Kremlinologists -- and what a sad and odd idea that is -- they will  have noticed that this post did not appear early this morning, when it was supposed to.

I do have an explanation, though not a good one: I spent all day Sunday (the day I usually write these posts) getting down to my employer's gala Global Meeting down in Miami, and spent pretty much all day Saturday pre-empting that lost Mother's Day and preparing for the trip.

There is a pile of books I should have written about, and there certainly was enough time on Saturday to write something if I'd really wanted to. But they'll still be there when I get back on Friday, and I'll either update this post then or just roll them into next week's post.

So this is just an "I aten't dead" post. I am, instead of being dead in a ditch somewhere, on the 13th floor of a reasonably posh hotel on the water in a subtropical city, in the middle of four very long days of meetings, schmoozing, and other things that I dislike nearly as much as those. I will be back here, eventually.

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