Thursday, September 26, 2013

Incoming Books from the Top Shelf

You still have a little more than twenty-four hours to take advantage of Top Shelf's amazing yearly web sale, which ends on Friday. I just got my package of wonderfulness, which contains too many books for me to list them separately. (And, besides, I'm not going to do my usual thing and insert Amazon links, since that defeats the whole purpose of hyping the Top Shelf sale.)

But you can see them in this picture, including basically new graphic novels by Jess Fink, Rob Harrell, and the Amazing Unrelated Cannon Brothers, Zander and Kevin.

The books you crave might not be the same as mine, but Top Shelf has a wide array of great stuff, and the prices right now are, frankly, unbelievable.

If you actually have money to spend and eyes to read books and still don't take advantage of this sale, I'm afraid that I will judge you.

I'll give you that link one last time: Top Shelf web sale. After that, you're on your own.

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