Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sad But True

"There is no serious argument for Republican governance right now, even if you prefer conservative policies over liberal ones. These people are just too dangerously incompetent to be trusted with power."
 -- Josh Barro at Business Insider (that noted lefty rag)

And I say this as a guy who is still a registered Republican -- even though I pulled the lever for the Democrat in NJ's special Senate election last night and will probably pull levers for more D's in a couple of weeks. I want to vote for R's, but they need to be non-crazy to make that happen.

The scattered remnants of the Bush-era GOP establishment are discredited and completely unable to run on their appalling records. And the Tea Party is frankly an astrotruf campaign to destroy as much of the federal government as possible in pursuit of a Gilded Age-style laissez-faire hellhole for anyone who isn't a billionaire. And there doesn't seem to be anything else in the GOP than those two horrible poles.

 Some of them are stupid. Some of them are incompetent. (Many are both, particularly when it comes to basic math and science.) A great many of them seem to be either active liars or completely untethered from consensus reality.

It's a sad day when the best centrist Republican in the country is our Democratic president.

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