Monday, February 24, 2014

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 2/22

This is yet another one of those weeks -- they're becoming very common lately -- where I only have one book to write about. Once again, please don't think I'm complaining: I feel guilty about getting free books to begin with, which is why I do these posts. So only having one book makes me feel slightly less guilty, and lets me get this post done more quickly.

(Note to any publicists reading: this absolutely does not mean I don't want you to send me more books. Pile them on!)

Anyway, that book is The Judge of Ages, the triumphant conclusion to John C. Wright's current medium-future SF trilogy, after Count to a Trillion and The Hermetic Millennia. I believe eight thousand years have passed during the course of this trilogy -- time flies when you're battling for the destiny of mankind under threat of alien invaders traveling at relativistic speeds -- and the battling titans, Ximen del Azarchel and Menelaus Montrose, are still trying to impose their very different visions of humanity and the future on the world. Who will win? (I'd bet on the one the author favors, if you ask me.) The Judge of Ages is a Tor hardcover, officially hitting stores on February 25th.

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