Sunday, January 18, 2015

Classic Comics -- Free!

Hey, did you know that GoComics is serializing the original (1905-1911) run of Winsor McCay's classic Little Nemo strip right now?

Would I lie to you? It's updating a few times a week, and you can click on the image to bring up a full-page-sized version of the strip.

The 21st century sure has its advantages, don't it? GoComics has most of the currently-running comics, and piles of old stuff, all updating regularly in traditional newspaper-comics fashion. I've also been happy with their subscription system -- just line up the stuff you want to see daily, and come visit them when you're in the mood for the funnies.

[image is from the Nemo strip posted today. Nemo in particular is being sponsored by the classic-comics publishing company Sunday Press.]

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