Monday, April 10, 2017

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 4/8

Every Monday I post here about the books that came in the mail the previous week. This time out, I have one book from Tor, related to a TV show some of you may love. (I haven't seen it, but I watch so little TV that saying that is meaningless: I don't watch anything.)

The book is The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase, and no points for guessing what the TV show is. (Well, if you've never heard of it, I guess I can tell you it's called The Librarians, and it's about librarians. The fictional kind that save the world from supernatural stuff, not the real kind that shelve books and fill out paperwork and spend a lot of time talking to the people who hang out in libraries during the day.) This book, by Greg Cox, is about a secret book of spells -- by a woman named Goose, who I'm sorry to say was a mother -- from the 18th century that has reappeared, wreaking havoc and all of the usual jazz. So the librarians need to find and stop it -- wrap it in that tough clear plastic, put a little pocket in the back and a sticker on the spine with the LOC number, and place it carefully in the Rare Books Room where it can only be read with little white gloves. (I may be misunderstanding the exact control mechanisms, here.)

Mother Goose Chase is a trade paperback, and it hits stores on April 25th. If you like both books and TV, this is a book about people on TV that care about books, so I don't see how you can go wrong.

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