Thursday, June 08, 2017

My Current Annoying Computer Issue

My work laptop keeps defaulting to the old (Win XP) style of alt-tab switcher, with the compact box with program icons, instead of the Win 7 style with little images of the windows.

This is annoying because I tend to alt-tab to bring the switcher up and then click into the window I want -- which doesn't work on the old style.

And googling the problem just brings up tons of people from the last 7-9 years who want to change from the Win 7 switcher to the Win XP switcher (or, worse, are complaining about whatever Win 10 does to the switcher). So all of the "fixes" go in the direction I don't want -- they explain how to get to the place I already am. (Here's one example, showing the two styles of switcher.)

(And, yes, I do know about the Win-tab version, but that's not what my fingers are used to doing. And it's just different enough to be odd.)

This is very, very minor in the scheme of things. But I hate rebooting when it frustrates me enough to give up. So this is what is currently annoying me in computer-land.

(I've learned to live with the really bizarre, you-can't-have-a-mac-formatted-external-drive-hooked-up-to-a-mac-running-windows-under-bootcamp-without-getting-a-bluescreen-crash problem on my home computer; I just attached all those to one hub and unplug that hub when I change OSes. But that one's a weird problem.)

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