Monday, March 12, 2018

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 3/10/18

This week, I got one book from the library and several from a comics shop. (And none directly from publishers.) The good news is that means I'm likely to read most or all of these books quickly.

The library book was You & A Bike & A Road, a graphic novel by Eleanor Davis that has no explanatory copy on it whatsoever. It's published by Koyama Press, but that's basically the only thing the outside of the book says. I think this is the nonfictional story of a long bike trip Davis took, but who knows? I've never seen blind-boxing applied to book design before, and I'm not sure it's the best idea. But this was a library book, which means it's low-risk to me, and I did like How to Be Happy, Davis's book of short comics stories.

And new books I bought included the below:

Jack Staff, Vol. 2: Soldiers by Paul Grist. Last month I finally got to the first volume, a decade or more after this series ended, and the comics shop I went to had the other three books, plus what I think is the last volume of Kane that I missed before that. But let's start slow, with this book....

Paper Girls, Vol. 3 by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. I'm still not entirely sure I trust Vaughhan to tell a full, satisfying story, but I'll give this one another volume to see where it's going. I did like volumes one and two, which is a good sign.

Descender, Vol. 4 continues the space opera series by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen -- and see my reviews of volumes one and two and three for more details.  This is not particularly hard SF, but it's smart space opera, which is about as close as I've seen comics ever get.

And last is Dave Sim's High Society, the second collection of his long-running curate's egg of a comic Cerebus. I've now got two volumes, which I may read soon. I think finding anything deeper into this series, at this point, requires buying them online, so we'll see if I get sucked back in that far.

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