Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Another Year Hornswoggled: 2018 in the Rear-View

In the annals of pointless rituals, this is certainly one of them.

Once, far too long ago, there was a dumb meme to make an end-of-year blog post out of the first and last sentences from each month of the year on that blog. I liked the way it randomly summed up a year, so I've been doing it ever since. And now I'm doing it again.


The whole point about teens is that they're not done yet. 

And Frakes makes that real; reading this book is a lot like listening to a good storyteller talk about her life and adventures.


I know cliches only get to be that way because they're durable and common, but, boy howdy! does this book rely heavily on a very cliched cliche for its premise.

Writing this post, I realize I consistently dropped one of those pesky "e"s in my post about Let Me Be Perfectly Clear, and that no one noticed for several years. It's correct now. I think.

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