Friday, August 27, 2021

Quote of the Week: Didn't Drive Anywhere Else

"Do you mean to sit there, Brother Jackson, and tell me that [a dead body] and your woman's trunk full of gold ore are in that hearse out there, parked in front of my house?" he asked in horror.

"No sir. I lost them. They fell out somewhere, I don't know where."

"They fell out of the hearse? Into the street?"

"It must have been the street. I didn't drive anywhere else."

 "Just why did you come here, Brother Jackson? Why did you come to me?"

"I just wanted to kneel here beside you, Reverend Gaines, and give myself up to the Lord."

"What!" Reverend Gaines started as though Jackson had uttered blasphemy. "Give yourself up to the Lord? Jesus Christ, man, what do you take the Lord for? You have to go and give yourself up to the police. The Lord won't get you out of that kind of mess." 

 - Chester Himes, A Rage in Harlem, pp.140-141

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