Friday, December 03, 2021

Quote of the Week: What Would You Do For Love?

My cousin AJ was shot to death by her boyfriend when she was twenty-two. She burst out of their apartment at a dead run. A second later he followed, walking real slow. He held up a .38 caliber automatic, sighted over his arm, and shot her in the back. She dropped to the sidewalk like a bag of groceries. She tried to keep crawling but something was wrong with her legs. He walked up to where she was thrashing on the sidewalk and shot her again. Then he went back into their apartment to wait for the police.

In the middle of the might I woke up, sweaty and gasping, with one thought circling around and around in my head.

I had never loved a woman enough to kill her.

 - Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle, p.71

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