Monday, June 20, 2022

Books Read: May 2022

I usually try to do these monthly posts on the first weekend of the month, but that doesn't always happen. It might mean that I actually have some links; let's see.

Zidrou and Jordi Lafebre, Lydie (5/1, digital)

Farel Dalrymple, Proxima Centauri (5/7, digital)

Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo, Billie Holliday (5/8, digital)

Adam Christopher, Killing Is My Business (5/8)

Pedrosa, Hearts at Sea (5/13, digital)

Noah Van Sciver, Saint Cole (5/14, digital)

Joan Didion, Salvador (in We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live, 5/14)

Guilherme Petreca, Ye (5/15, digital)

Daniel Pinkwater, Crazy in Poughkeepsie (5/15)

Debbie Tung, Book Love (5/21, digital)

Jeff Lemire, et. al., Black Hammer: Streets of Spiral (5/22, digital)

Sarah Andersen, Herding Cats (5/27, digital)

P.G. Wodehouse, Barmy in Wonderland (5/27)

John Allison, Bad Machinery, Vol. 10: The Case of the Severed  Alliance (5/28)

Gemma Correll, The Worrier's Guide to Life (5/29, digital)

Jim Woodring, The Frank Book (5/30, digital)

Nick Hornby, Funny Girl (5/30)

I'm already two-thirds of the way through the next month, so I can say for sure: I've read more books since then, and will keeping putting posts here - I'm running about six weeks ahead right now.

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