Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Lunacon Schedule

On the off-chance that anyone out there both reads this blog and wants to say hi to me at Lunacon this weekend, here's what I'm supposed to be doing there:
  • Driving the Snakes from Hasbrouck Heights, a panel on snakes in SFF (yes, I know -- I hope it will wander off topic quickly) on Friday at 4
  • Children's Fantasy, an obvious panel, on Saturday at 10.
  • Post-Apocalyptic SF, another obvious panel, Saturday at 6
  • Urban Fantasy, Sunday at noon
Otherwise, I'll probably be wandering aimlessly through the dealer's room or sitting in a semi-public comfy chair reading (either Glasshouse or The Year's Best Science Fiction, 23rd Annual, I hope).

Hope to see all you loonies sometime over the weekend -- and this hotel can't possibly be as hard to get to as last year's.

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Anonymous said...

"this hotel can't possibly be as hard to get to as last year's."

We'll see... it'll probably all come back to me as I get closer to it. I attended many a Lunacon there in the Olde Days back when the hotel was a Sheraton.

Michael Walsh

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