Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome to Rikers Island

This is the Department of Corrections:

Patrick Nielsen Hayden notes that Adam Stemple is not a "young musician," but instead a musician, once young but now probably older than this reporter. Antick Musings regrets the error, and bemoans the lost youth of Mr. Stemple.

John DeNardo comments that Doris Lessing can also be cited as a SF writer already listed as part of Book Magazine's poll for the Greatest Living British Writer. Rich Horton further adds some more names that have written works in the SFF field. Antick Musings at first planned to insist that his aim was to point out the self-identified SFF writers, but then he remembered that Ms. Rowling was utterly shocked to find out she was writing the stuff. The Antick Musings Public Editor is investigating the situation, and will report at length sometime after everyone has forgotten all about it.

Finally, Antick Musings is rethinking its Master Plan for the Novel Hugo, and does not now intend to present a proposal at this year's Worldcon. This is in no way a capitulation to threats of violence, nor is Antick Musings giving up its goal of emulating the fecundity of awards enjoyed by our much more successful compatriots in Romance. A full manifesto may be forthcoming.

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